Tomorrow Gallery is a rogue space > a planemo > floating free > a swamp rainbow slurpee > melted > crystallized > 3000 years away > a garbage bag galaxy > a struggle and a joy > a distant home for kai choufour > and everythang else.

I see art and life as a hypernarrative, a web, with pathways connecting the physical, digital and spiritual. I am interested in food hacking, metamorphism of value, comedic investigation, naturalization of technology, inventions of the contrary, and metaphysical presentation. I am a conceptual artist invested in the capturing of natural phenomena and propagation of wonder through relationships with nature. It is important for me to work poetically, freely, sincerely and constantly. In my practice everything collapses into itself repeatedly; song, poetry, architecture, literature, design, food, and visual art are used as tools for uncovering the new, illuminating the past, navigating utopian ideals, and for discovering intrinsic parallels that are present within dreams, art, film and daily life. I believe in love, kindness and gratitude. I believe that by exaggerating the present, we can put more emphasis on our future.

"Tomorrow is never but this is forever."